share more than 400GB from $5.90/mth per line

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it's more fun to share with Bespoke Family Plan

Designed for families of different usage needs, Bespoke Family Plan lets you share your data, talktime & SMS ​amongst your family members so that no data is wasted! ​

Share more than 400GB from $5.90/mth per line.
Plus, additional $4.14 off for your new family line!

Add on Bespoke Family line on top of your existing Bespoke plan(s). Each line comes with 40GB, 100 Mins & 100 SMS shared across all lines.

Limited time only! Sign up for Bespoke family, or switch over to M1 from 11 August 2023, and enjoy additional $4.14 off 24 months for your new family line.

No. of Bespoke Family lines +1 +2 +3 +≥4
Monthly subscription per line before 11 Aug $15.09 $13.07 $11.05 $10.04
Limited time offer! For new or port-in lines
Monthly subscription per line from 11 Aug
$10.95 $8.93 $6.91 $5.90
Benefits shared across all lines
Additional family plan data 40GB 80GB 120GB ≥160GB
Talktime (Mins) 100 200 300 ≥400
SMS 100 200 300 ≥400

how it works

Step 1: You've to be an existing Bespoke plan owner. If not, sign up on our amazing Bespoke plans!

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Step 2: Add on up to 10 Bespoke Family lines!

Step 3: Enjoy incremental data & savings shared across your family members or multiple devices!


bespoke family plan perks

Unlock more savings with additional lines!

Enjoy greater data, talktime & SMS shared across all lines!

No contract. Add or remove lines anytime!